Pre IPO – Unlisted Equity

These are equity shares of a company that is not listed on any recognised stock exchanges. These shares are traded over the counter (OTC), and they are often called OTC securities.

These companies often enjoy a healthy growth rate and have industry-leading future prospects. These unlisted shares, especially at pre-IPO stage, provide an excellent investment opportunity mainly focusing on long-term wealth creation. The returns can potentially beat returns by listed equities.

These securities are intended for only those courageous investors who understands risk, have interest and dare to invest in unlisted shares.

Points to remember:

  • Investment in Pre IPO / Before IPO / Unlisted Space provides great opportunity of wealth creation for investors.
  • Unlike in the IPO you get your desired quantities, subject to the availability.
  • This segment of investing carries high risk as this is an investment into Equity stocks of the companies which are not listed on any recognised stock exchanges and generally will have very low liquidity. Unlisted stocks/securities comes with price fluctuation, volatility and chance of capital loss.
  • All Pre IPO / Unlisted Stocks comes with a lock-in from the date of allotment/listing of the stock on the exchanges.


  • We will try to provide competitive and best rates through our sources. Rates may differ / vary based on the Quantity, Market Conditions, Sentiments, Situation and Broker to Broker. Many times the deals are available only for very limited time.
  • I or my Associates, Partners, & Employees, are not related or connected with the promoters of these companies. We act purely as Trader, Dealers & Investors in Unlisted Space and are not advisor or consultants.We as a Trader and Investor, may or may not have these referred stocks/securities in our trading or investment books.
  • Copy of Pancard, Demat Client Master List and copy of bank cheque that is linked to your demat account is required at the time of placing of order.
  • No Third Party Transactions are entertained. It takes 3-4 four days for the transaction to get completed from the date of receipt of payment.
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